Wei Cheng

Trained as a Biochemist, I received my Bachelor of Science Degree from the prestigious Nankai University in China; shortly after that, I came to the United States to pursue my graduate degree with full scholarship at CUNY Graduate Center. Later on, I spent more than a decade as a scientist worked on several pre-clinical and clinical trails projects, developed approved clinical diagnostic assays and generated multiple US patents. 

Grown up in a Engineers' family and studied scientific theories all my life, I was not a believer of Traditional Chinese Medicine. My interest in TCM started after I met my father-in-law, Dr. Shiyue Sun, who was a TCM practitioner. Knowing Dr. Sun opened a new world to me, I witnessed so many patients, some even been considered hopeless in the modern medicine, being cured and are living healthy normal life; by talking to Dr. Sun, the holistic and natural methods made so much sense to me and I do feel it is a great compliment to the modern medicine. Fascinated by it, I made career change and finished my Acupuncture program Magna Cum Laude from New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I practiced in Long Island and Manhattan before moved to and opened my office in the Capital Region. My practice style incorporates both Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern scientific theories. I enjoy using acupuncture and other non medicine methods to relieve ailments and boost healthy life.